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Adult Recognition

Blackland Prairie's Individual Adult Scouting Awards

There are a number of awards in Scouting that recognize adults who make contributions to Scouting. Please nominate adult volunteers in your unit to recognize those deserving leaders. Your volunteers work hard to provide our youth a great and educational program. Recognize their efforts and sacrifices with the public recognition of a Scouting award.
Awards will be made at the Annual District Recognition Banquet on Sunday, January 20, 2018.

Spirit of Blackland Prairie Award (S.B.P.)

This award recognizes individuals in units who have performed extraordinary service to their units. Every Unit receives 2 nominations, units that have 50-99 youth members are entitled to an additional nomination, and Units with 100 or more youth members are allowed a total of 4 nominations.
The S.B.P. Award should be presented to someone within your own unit who has given their time to help provide a quality program for the youth within your Scouting unit. There is no tenure requirement for this award, but your unit committee MUST approve and submit it. Deadline for submission: 12/31/17.
Please download the fillable PDF form, complete and email to the District Awards Chair Here.

The David F. Webb Leadership Award

This award is given to two adults within the District that expemplify the ideals of Baden Powell's TRAINED LEADER. This includes a scouter who is passionate about TRAINING and encourages others in Unit to get trained, a scouter who takes training beyond his/her positions require, or a scouter who is a TRAINER and lives, breathes, and talks training. Please consider nominating the adult in your Unit that might fit any of these descriptions. Complete PDF form (below) and email to District Awards Chair here.

The District Award of MeritDistrict Award of Merit

This award is available to registered Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the District Level. Presented to registered adult volunteers by Districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is, as a national award, presented by councils; it is not appropriate to nominate a Scouter who has already received this award. Submission deadline: 12/30/2017. Please download the fillable PDF and when completed (the more information the better!) email to District Awards Chair Here.

The Phil John Service Award

This award recognizes the scouter in your Unit that has served well over after his/her son has aged-out or eagled-out. You know the one - might be an Eagle Mentor or Merit Badge Counselor or serves in some other capacity for over five years (they don't have to have gray hair). This would be considered as the District Award of Merit (DoM) at the UNIT LEVEL. Only one award presented at the annual District Awards and Eagle Recognition Banquet. Please download the fillable PDF, complete, save, then email to the District Awards Chair here.

The Silver Beaver AwardBSA Silver Beavery Award

This is a National Scouting Award presented by the local council to adult volunteers who have made significant contributions to the scouting movement over a number of years. Anyone can nominate a person for this award, but the nominations must be approved by the local council and the National Scouting Office. Due Sept 1, 2017. Award is presented at Council's Annual Awards Dinner in spring 2018. Download fillable PDF form, complete (incomplete forms will not be considered by Council) and email to the District Awards Chair Here.


  1. Please click on the nomination form below and save to your computer
  2. Open the PDF form in Adobe Acrobat
  3. Complete the fillable form
  4. "SAVE AS" on your computer as Type-NAME.pdf (Type of award, such as SPIRIT followed by last name of nominee.pdf)
  5. Email completed award to Fred Hull, District Awards Chair at fredoh.esq@gmail.com