• Blackland Prairie Eagle Scouts and Pack 425 at Recognition Dinner 2018
    Blackland Prairie Eagle Scouts and Pack 425 at Recognition Dinner 2018
    Blackland Prairie

Advancement Chair Corner

Eagle ScoutWords of Wisdom on the Eagle Process

As Advancement Chair, our Blackland Prairie District Eagle Coordinator receives information from an Eagle candidate twice.  The first time is when the Scout turns in their proposal and the second time is when the Scout submits the completed binder.

  • The proposal is an overview of the project.  The Blackland Prairie District Eagle Coordinator's  job is to see how do-able the project is and if the project affords an opportunity to show leadership, as well as showing planning and development. Meeting with the Scout during this phase is not necessary, but may prove beneficial should the Scout have questions.
  • The Scout should contact Eagle Coordinator, Brian Liddell, to coordinate proposal review. Turn around time for proposals is usually one week.
  • Proposals must be legible and include all signatures before they can be reviewed.  Care should be taken to show not only the scope of the project but how it benefits the community and how the Scout will show leadership.

The second time the binder is received is when the project is completed.  The Scout should review the Eagle Credentials Checklist before turning in their binder as it needs to be complete before a Board of Review can be scheduled.

  • This means Mr. Liddell should be the third set of eyes to see the binder. The Scout should be the first set to review the work they’ve done, the Project Coach should be the second, and finally the Blackland Prairie District Eagle Coordinator.
  • Again, the Scout, or the Troop Eagle Coach, should contact Mr. Liddell to schedule their Board of Review.

Lastly, all correspondence from the Scout should include the Project Coach.  It is important to follow ‘two-deep’ leadership even in e-mails.

Questions? Please contact Mr. Liddell at liddellb613@gmail.com or 469-374-9923.