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Family Scouting

Offering Iconic Boy Scouting to both Boys and Girls in 2018Girls and Boys in Scouting

What's Happening?

Starting the fall of 2018, GIRLS ages 5 to 10 years old (K-5) can join a Pack. Up to the Pack Committee, the Pack can be all girls, all boys or co-ed with seperate DENS. See the pdf flyer below. 

Starting February 2019, OLDER GIRLS ages 11 to 18 (6-12) can join a Boy Scout Troop. It can be seperate troops of all boys and all girls under seperate Chartering Organizations and Committees; or it can be a Linked Troop (still seperate troops) with shared Committees and Chartering Organizations. Check out the flyer below.

Attend the Districts' CHUCKWAGON MEETING May 17, at Good Shepherd 6:30 pm to find out more about BSA's FAMILY SCOUTING.

This is a huge step for BSA in offering scouting to both girls and boys!